Bird Ringing Camp

Ecuador, November 7 to 30, 2022

the fair of the bird ringers

What is the Bird Ringing Camp?

Many times the protection of places, ecosystems and the survival of migratory species depends on the ringers.

Bird Ringing Camp is a necessary, indispensable meeting for bird ringers who operate in international projects, but also for those who want to be professionals in bird research through tagging.

The fair is worldwide, each year it is celebrated in a country and a continent. The idea is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge to those who carry out the most faithful and stable field work, the ringers.

the story

How the Bird Ringing Camp was born

In 2019 and within the framework of the Amazon Birding Fest, the first calibration meeting between bird ringers was held. Coming from Europe, Africa and America to exchange experiences and share knowledge. At this historic moment it was decided that Calibration should be a Camp for Ornithologists.

The first edition of the Bird Ringing Camp was planned for 2020 in Tanzania. But covid stopped it.

Within the new generation of Birdfairs, the Manu Birding Fest is born in 2020, the birdfair in the place in the world with the greatest diversity of birds and that lasts no less than a month! More than a birdfair, it is a true international ornithological camp, with participants from Scandinavia to South Africa.

This is the philosophy!

Ecuador 2022

In what will it consist?

For 20 days ringers from different continents will ring together in four different places. From the beach and lagoons to the jungle. The idea is to get to know spectacular birds, work with them and encourage the creation of Bird Observatories in the Neotropics.

the program 100%

day by day program

San Miguel de los Bancos (Pichincha)

7 to 10

El Morro Mangrove (Guayas)

11 to 16

La Segua Lagoon (Manabí)

17 to 20

Poza Honda Wildlife Reserve (Manabí)

21 to 27

Cuenca (Azuay)

28 to 30

Galapagos Bird Fair (Galapagos Islands)

December 2 to 10

how will it be

Bird Ringing Camp in Ecuador

The Bird Ringing Camp is a new and exciting experience. 20 days ringing in 4 different locations. We will do the Ornithology course 5 times, to train and support young ornithologists and a ringing camp in a wildlife reserve, in Manabí.
Ringers from different countries and continents will go together, sharing knowledge and experiences, practicing methods and techniques. And experiencing the International Calibration between Bird Ringers.
You can join the way you want. As many days as you want.
For those who go from one place to another, all the logistics of transfers, accommodation and meals are prepared. Our only concern will be to enjoy the birds.

cómo será

Bird Ringing Camp en Ecuador

La Bird Ringing Camp es una experiencia nueva y excitante. 20 días anillando en 4 localidades diferentes. Haremos 5 veces el curso de Ornitología, para formar y apoyar a jóvenes ornitólogos y un campamento de anillamiento en una reserva de fauna, en Manabí.
Anilladores de diferentes países y continentes iremos juntos, compartiendo conocimientos y experiencias, practicando métodos y técnicas. Y experimentando la Calibración Internacional entre Anilladores de Aves.
Podrás incorporarte de la manera que quieras. Tantos días como quieras.
Para los que vayan de un lugar a otro está preparada toda la logística de traslados, alojamiento y comidas. Nuestra única preocupación será disfrutar de las aves.

The Courses and the Camp in the Bird Ringing Camp:

Los Cursos y el Campamento de Anillamiento de la Bird Ringing Camp:

Bird Ringing Camp 2

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