Guillem Chacon


Before we begin… Although I spend a good part of the year ringing in the Neotropics, there is always time for a few forays into Africa and Asia. All the ornithological camps I go to are organized to help our colleagues to create their ringing stations, bird observatories, actions and awareness campaigns for our birds and their ecosystems.

For this reason I always go hand in hand with great experts from each country and the universities involved in the study and conservation.

I want to express my gratitude for the confidence they give me and encourage you to participate. It doesn’t matter if you are an advanced expert or just starting out. Our presence will strengthen your initiatives and will be fundamental in the fight for conservation. It is not just research, it is being part of the change, it is giving a firm hope in the survival of the birds.

Ornithologist and ringer with more than 40 years of experience. Most of them in the American and African tropics.

He runs three Bird Observatories: the Chocó Bird Observatory, in one of the planet’s mega bioregions and in the country with the greatest bird diversity in the world, Colombia. The place with the greatest diversity of birds in the world, Manu, in Peru (+1045 species). And the one in the Yucatan peninsula more focused on waders and waterfowl. In Europe, he is part of the management team of the Biological Station for Monitoring Global Change, in Sierra de Marina (Barcelona, Catalonia).

Grallaria ruficapilla

Ornitólogo y anillador con más de 40 años de experiencia. La mayor parte de ellos en el trópico americano y africano.

Dirige tres Bird Observatories: el Chocó Bird Observatory, en una de las mega-bioregiones del planeta y en el país del mundo con mayor diversidad de aves, Colombia. El del lugar conocido con mayor diversidad de aves del mundo, Manu, en Perú (+1045 especies). Y el de la península de Yucatán más centrado en limícolas, aves acuáticas y zancudas. En Europa es parte del equipo de dirección de la Estación Biológica para el Seguimiento del Cambio Global, en la Sierra de Marina (Barcelona, Cataluña) 


Guillem Chacon directs the Galapagos Birdfair

Guillem has taught over 300 ornithology courses in +50 countries

With his guests at the Seminar «Ornithology of Conservation» at the University of Sussex (UK)

Guillem Chacon at the first Bird Observatory in the Neotropics, in Manu (Peru)

Ceratopipra chloromeros

In April 2016 he directed the «Ornithology of Conservation» Seminar at the University of Sussex, in Brighton (UK).
He has carried out ringing camps and taught ornithology courses in more than 50 countries and directs several Bird Fairs, including Amazon Birding Fest (national of Peru), Manu Birding Fest, Galapagos Birdfair, Bird Ringing Camp (each year in a different continent ) while directing the Birding Congress in Europe, in Catalonia.
He is a Birding advisor to the governments of Spain and Catalonia and headed the first Southern European Government Birding Office.

Malacoptila semicincta

Especializado en diversos temas, como los métodos para evitar la miopatía de captura, mediante termografía, el anillamiento de colibríes y la gestión de reservas para mejorar la biodiversidad y el aumento de bioturistas.

Conferencia en Paris

En 2015, con la coordinación del Biotropical Institute, Guillem Chacon llevó a Europa a algunos de los más grandes rehabilitadores de fauna de América

En abril de 2016 dirigió el Seminario «Conservation Ornithology» en la Universidad de Sussex, en Brighton (Reino Unido).
Ha impartido cursos de ornitología en más de 50 países y dirige varias Birdfairs, entre ellas el Amazon Birding Fest (nacional de Perú), Manu Birding Fest, Galápagos Birdfair, Bird Ringing Fair (cada dos años en un continente diferente) mientras asesora una docena más de Birdfairs en Europa, África y América.
Es asesor de Birding de los gobiernos de España y Cataluña y dirigió la primera Oficina gubernamental de Turismo Ornitológico del sur de Europa.

Specialized in various topics, such as methods to avoid capture myopathy, through thermography, hummingbird ringing and reserve management to improve biodiversity and increase biotourists.

Curso en la Universitat de Barcelona
Hoopoe ringing (Upupa epops) at the Biological Station for Monitoring Global Change (Barcelona)
Hoopoe ringing (Upupa epops) at the Biological Station for Monitoring Global Change (Barcelona)

Since 2004 Guillem Chacon has been the director of the Catalan Summer University of Natural Sciences

Guillem Chacon is the director of the Birding Congress, a government event that takes place in Europe.

As a tradition, in Europe, every year I give courses in Paris, Barcelona and different places in Italy. Then I do extensive ornithological courses or camps in the Neotropics, tropical Africa and some Asian countries. I am accompanied by great experts in bird ringing, but also students or professionals who want to know or practice in other continents and ecosystems. If you want to live the experience just write me by mail or whatsapp.


Algunes activitats a les que et convido enguany


Algunas actividades a las que te invito este año


Some activities to which I invite you this year

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Quelques activités auxquelles je vous invite cette année

Como tradición, en Europa, cada año doy cursos en París, Barcelona y diferentes lugares de Italia. Luego realizo cursos extensos o campamentos ornitológicos en el Neotrópico, África tropical y algunos países de Asia. Me acompañan grandes expertos en el anillamiento de aves, pero también estudiantes o profesionales que quieren conocer o prácticar en otros continentes y ecosistemas. Si quieres vivir la experiencia tan solo escríbeme por correo o whatsapp.

Guillem Chacon Bird Ringer
Guillem Chacon Bird Ringer
Guillem Chacon Bird Ringer
Guillem Chacon Bird Ringer
Guillem Chacon Bird Ringer

Algunos de mis próximos cursos/campamentos:

Some of my next courses/camps:

  • Colombia (july and august 2023 Bird Ringing Camp)
  • Ecuador (october 2023 Bird Ringing Camp)
  • Philippines (november 2023 Bird Ringing Camp)
  • Senegal (december 2023 Bird Ringing Camp)
  • Colombia (july, august and september 2024 Bird Ringing Camp)
  • Perú (october 2024 Bird Ringing Camp)
  • Nepal – Himalayas (2024 Bird Ringing Camp)
  • Yucatan (2024 Bird Ringing Camp)




Guillem Chacon coordinates or directs several Birdfair. Some of them are:

The Bird Ringing Camp it is dedicated to the experience and exchange of knowledge between ringers.

Is held every year on a different continent.

Amazon Birding Fest. In the Amazon of Peru. Since 2019. The first Birdfair in Peru thanks to the support of the government of Peru.

Always on the first weekend of October.

Manu Birding Fest. Than a fair a camp. Since 2020. With a duration of one month: In the place in the world with the greatest diversity of birds.

Every year it starts on the second weekend of October. In the Cusco region (Peru)

Galápagos Birdfair. The Insular Birdfair of Endemics. Another concept of festival, from island to island. 

Every year on the first weekend of December.

Próximos eventos / Upcoming events: